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I moved to Chicago from West Michigan with an 8 year wrestling background about 3 years ago. Since then, I’ve dove into no-gi submission grappling training and/or studying technique 7 days-per-week. As a current blue belt, I’ve competed over a dozen times and am only getting more involved in the jiu-jitsu scene. My competition game is focused on leg locks from bottom and north-south attacks. I’m also a current student of physical therapy with a background in teaching during undergrad which helps me analyze techniques and make learning more efficient.

I offer private (1-2 people) and semi-private (2 groups of 2) lessons and workshops. Techniques are based off what is effective at the highest level; instructional content from pro competitors, my experience, and my learning from numerous instructors at different gyms.

My lessons are geared towards colored belts, advanced white belts, or those with a knowledge of fundamentals but lacking skill in specific areas.

My favorite areas to teach are leg lock entries/finishes/defenses, butterfly/half-butterfly sweeps and armbar set-ups, north-south offense, wrestling, and guard retention. I can cover and workshop other areas as needed!

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