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HD Online Player (eternity 2010 Thai Movie English Sub)




The act is interrupted by a group of village thugs who lead the young man into a darkened room, where he is hit in the head with a club. He awakes to find himself in a dark, airless room. As he struggles to escape, he encounters a strange being who appears to be waiting for him. Eventually, this alien-like entity speaks to the young man, telling him that he is one of seven people destined to go to a strange planet in the future. The young man is transported to a hospital where he finds himself in a room with other unconscious patients. He recovers consciousness and talks to two other people in the room. One of these is a very beautiful woman, the other a young man who is a police detective. As time passes, the young man explores the hospital, meets people who have also been brought to the hospital by the being who brought him there, and discovers his future. Finally, he is put through an examination and is taken to meet the being who has been the star of his waking hours. He finds this being in a beautiful setting and in a state of great distress. The being’s eyes burn with a fierce, red fire that the young man cannot bear to look at. The being explains that they will not be able to help each other in the future because they have been separated by the coming of war. The young man awakens and is put back in his bed. He is visited by the detective, the beautiful woman, and by the being who is still in a state of great distress. The being explains that they are all one person and wishes to be with them. The being is given a device that will reunite them in the future. The young man awakens again. This time, the people who have visited him are gone and he is alone in his room. He sees that the device has a needle that glows red when it is in close proximity to the device’s power source. He brings the needle to his own body and watches it with fascination as it starts to glow. He awakens again, as does the being. The being explains that it was able to reunite the others because it, too, is the one person. The being is in a state of great distress and disappears. To end the story, it is revealed that the young man is in the future where the being was. They have a message to leave for the present time. The doctor comes into the room to take



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HD Online Player (eternity 2010 Thai Movie English Sub)

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